Thursday, October 30, 2014


JAP Renders admins are not experts in rendering but we are quite experienced enough to create 3d models and rendered images. We always make exterior views in sketchup but we are so glad to say that we can also create house interiors and can even design one. Rendering interiors is quite hard and it takes a very long time of cooking. It requires lights (pointlights, spotlight, and IES light) to brighten and to lighten up the images. It has to be detailed as possible and it has to be simple, colorful and has a good color scheme. (note that the admins are not Architecture students)

In this article, we are going to show you the simple processes we do in doing and rendering interiors

the Sketchup raw model (not yet rendered)
As you can see from the image above, the boxes in the table are all proxies. Proxies are big help to reduce the size of your Sketchup file and therefore can save your file from consuming a lot of memory. In Thea Render, creating your own proxy is so easy. You just need to open the Sketchup model for you to create one and then choose the "Render Selection mode" in order to render the selected model. Stop when you desire it and save it as "mod.thea". You will notice at the Thea browser plugin that the selected model itself will appear. 


Lights can be easily inserted in your model through Thea tool. You can insert them as pointlights, spotlights and IES light according to what you want. You can also create rectangular lights by assigning a unique texture for your light and will edit it through Thea tool by means of activating the "emitter".

Aside from those things above, you must consider some reflective materials such as floor, glass, mirror, etc in order for you to achieve a photorealistic image of your interior design.

The Final Output
Thea can create high-quality images so there is no need for you to edit it in photoshop or any other photoediting softwares. But to improve more the image, you can use Picasa. Allow us to show you the rendered image of the above model. This was rendered by thea and was further improved by Picasa.

rendered image through Thea Render

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