Saturday, November 1, 2014


We are aware of the fact that the Earth itself is not flat. Of course, our planet is not just flat plane but it has series of formations such as mountains, hills, trenches, valleys, etc. Our favorite 3d software has the ability to create landscapes according to the topographic features you want. Sketchup has this plugin that can really do amazing 3d models of mountains and landscapes you want to draw through the availability of 2d contour maps.

Sandbox tool is the solution.

You can actually learn how to draw landscapes in Sketchup by watching tutorials on youtube such as this (sandbox tutorialsandbox scratch). We also made a video for the sandbox scratch tutorial for you to easily learn how to create landscapes.

Now, using proxies and models, you can now put models on the scratch like trees, grasses, and vegetations and prepare for rendering the scene.

The Final Output

Church model on hilly landscape

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